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Sunscreen and Your Body: What to Know Before Your Next Vacation

Posted on April 11 2017

There are a lot of misconceptions about using sunscreen that prevents parents and children from staying safe when they spend time outdoors playing and sunbathing. Unfortunately, this increases their risk of skin cancer.

This article is going to address a few of the most common myths about sunscreen that everyone needs to know before they head out on their next vacation.

Myth #1: Not Everyone Needs Sunscreen

People with darker pigmented skin often believe that they don't need to wear sunscreen because they don't burn as easily as those who have lighter skin, but this isn't true. While their risk might be a little lower, they are still susceptible to the sun's damaging rays. So, no matter what someone's race or ethnicity is, they still need to apply it before they go out.

Myth #2: You Only Have to Wear Sunscreen When You Swim

The most common time for parents to slather sunscreen on themselves and their little ones is when they head to the beach or the local swimming pool. This isn't enough though. Sun damage can occur in as little as five minutes when someone is outside in the middle of the day and it doesn't matter if they are near the water or not. It is best that everyone puts on a long-lasting type when they intend to go skiing, fishing, camping, or hiking.

Myth #3:  Only People With Fair Skin Need a High SPF

For maximum protection from sun damage, everyone needs to use sunscreen that has a rating of over 30-SPF. Any lower than this, and the risk of skin cancer will still be present. Sometimes, dermatologists suggest that those who have very pale skin wear a sunscreen that is much higher. Always check with your doctor if you aren't sure about which product is best for you.

Myth #4: Sunscreen Always Washes Off

Some people think that sunscreen is a waste of time to put on because it will just come off when they sweat a lot or go in the water. For the non-waterproof types, this is true. However, water-resistant and waterproof sunscreens that last for hours on the skin are very common and easy to find.

Myth #5: Sunscreen Blocks the Absorption of Necessary Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed for healthy bones and teeth. Pregnant mothers have to be especially careful not to become deficient in it because their babies will have a higher risk of asthma when they are born. However, that doesn't mean that a woman has to risk skin cancer to get enough of it. Sitting outside for ten minutes in the sun to get your daily dose of Vitamin D is perfectly safe if you time it in the morning or evening when the sun isn't as hot.

Myth #6: Any Brand of Sunscreen Will Work

All sunscreens should have a label that says it was approved by the FDA. Any products that don't have this mark are not guaranteed to work. So don't risk it. Purchase a better quality brand of sunscreen from Beautiflied.

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