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Simple Tricks to Beat Summer Hair Problems

Posted on April 25 2017

Summertime will soon be upon us, which gives women everywhere a great excuse to go shopping for new clothes and hair products. It also means that it is time to change up your beauty routine to adapt to the heat and one of the first things to take care of is hair care! We’ve put together a list of helpful hints that cover solutions to all the common summer hair problems.


Curly hair is especially susceptible to frizz because the heat dries it out so badly. To tame the frizziness, it helps to buy natural hair care products. They don't contain harsh, damaging chemicals that dry the hair out further. One of the best types of products to use is one with some beeswax in it. Rub a little bit of the product between the palms of your hands. Then, gently work it through your hair while it is still slightly damp from washing it. Work in segments to twist all your curls into a spiral shape, and let your hair air-dry that way. Use a pick to straighten out any tangles. A brush will take away the shape.

No Body

Straight hair is more susceptible to looking flat and lifeless. To give it more body, try using pincurls to make it wavy and bouncy. This hairstyle works the best if you do it before you go to bed at night. Gently comb your damp hair into segments. Twist each segment into a pin curl. Hold it in place with a bobbypin. When you're done, tie a silk scarf over your hair to protect the curls from coming apart while you sleep and take the pins out in the morning. Don't run a brush through your hair, though. Just comb your fingers through the waves and add a bit of holding spray to help your hair stay put all day long.

Oily Build-up

Sweat and oil both tend to cling to the hair, which makes it hard to style. Those who have naturally oily skin are more susceptible to this problem, but all skin types can have it happen occasionally. A product that helps get rid of this build-up is clarifying shampoo. Use it as a replacement for your regular shampoo at least once a week.

Dry, Fragile Hair

Those with fine, baby-soft hair are especially prone to getting parched hair during the summertime. It isn't hard to remedy this problem though. All you need is some leave-in conditioner. Comb the leave-in conditioner through after you finish washing it, but don't rinse it out. Then, style your hair as you normally would. Fine hair looks flat when it is left to air-dry, so be sure to blow it dry upside down using cold air instead of hot air.

If your hair still won't do a thing after trying all these tips, don't fret. Beautiflied sells some amazing wigs that cover bad hair days in a flash. They pin on quickly, and noone will ever know your secret!

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